Kingdom Come, The Lost Ears

Kingdom Come, The Lost Ears

Kingdom Come, The Lost Ears

Boxset Compilation, released in 1976

Songs / Tracks Listing

Record one:
1. Internal messenger
2. Space plucks
3. Trouble
4. Brains
5. Night of the pigs
6. Creep
7. Creation~Gypsy escape
8. Love is a spirit
9. The experiment
10. The hymn
11. The traffic light song

Record two:
1. Spirit of joy
2. Time captives
3. Conception
4. Come alive
5. Sunrise
6. Triangles
7. Metal monster
8. (The Puddleton Express)
9. Space plucks (including Dem Bones)
10. So high up here
11. Through the planets


Musicians - Andy Dalby / guitar
Arthur Brown / vocals
Des Fisher / bass
Martin "Slim" Steer / drums
Michael "Goodge" Harris / keyboards
Paul Brown / synthesizer
Phil Shutt / bass
Victor Peranino / keyboards

Releases information 2xLP Gull SGUD 2003/4


If you were there in the seventies, you would definitely agree with me that "Sunrise" was one of the songs that colored the seventies. Look at the style! It starts with an ambient soft vocal in punctuated style which grows slowly into high points with sort of soaring (softly) hammond organ sound. Yes, this song rules! Not just it's different but it demonstrates a great combination of energetic and powerful voice line by Arthur Brown augmented with soft soaring organ work with blues-based guitar work. The guitar playing style is truly killing me! It reminds me to the glory days of rock music (to be precise: classic rock music) in the seventies. No one would argue on the powerful composition of this track; and in fact this track helped shape rock music standing in the seventies.

Throughout this double LP album Arthur Brown delivers his vocal energetically combined with accentuated rhythm section. Some tracks are exproratory in nature like "Triangles", "Mental Monster". "Space Plucks (including Dem Bones)" is another track worthy enjoying.

The music in this album is really diverse. There is no such instrument that truly dominates the music - each song features different kind of solo or rhythm section. Guitar is probably the instrument that you might need to observe as the style is very seventies with heavy influence from blues. Another instrument to observe is of course keyboards / organ. It's a very good album and memorable for me personally. Keep on proggin' ..!

Review by Gatot