April 24th 1973 Manchester Free Trade Hall

April 24th 1973 Manchester Free Trade Hall
April 24th 1973 Manchester Free Trade HallApril 24th 1973 Manchester Free Trade HallApril 24th 1973 Manchester Free Trade HallApril 24th 1973 Manchester Free Trade Hall

April 24th 1973 Manchester Free Trade Hall

Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come - Time Captives Live in Manchester 1973

Track Listing Record 1

01. Time Captives
02. Conception
03. We Want Your Brain
04. Come Alive
05. City Melody
06. Captain (Telephone)
07. Gypsy

Track Listing Record 2

01. City Melody - reprise
02. Superficial Roadblocks
03. Untitled
04. Spirit Of Joy
05. Irish Potatoes
06. Untitled (Triangles?)

Band Members
Arthur Brown: Bentley drum machine, lead vocals
Andy Dalby: Guitar, vocals
Victor Peraino: Mellotron, ARP 2600 and VCS-3 synthesizers, Theramin, piano, percussion, vocals
Phil Shutt: Bass, percussion, vocals


Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come

Live Stage Show Reviews: I have had a copy of 'Journey' ever since it was first released back in 1973. I also had the pleasure of seeing Arthur Browns Kingdom Come in Manchester in 1973.

Arthur's voice was at it's most powerful , with some nice guitar riffs provided by Andy Dalby and the Keyboards catered for by Victor Perraino with Phil Shutt on Bass.

I have fond memories of seeing Arthur being placed inside a giant hyperdermic syringe on the stage at Manchester Free Trade Hall......ah!! Happy days.......If my memory serves me right the single "Spirit Of Joy" also charted in the UK and I recall hearing it played on the Tony Blackburn Show [S Frost Nullgrad of Manchester, England]

Such diverse elements as Mr. Brain (a small and lumpy grey matter severely dented by the education system), a boat, a human telephone, the Pope, traffic lights, a giant test tube, backdrops and the gauze screen, all contribute to Kingdom Come's weird and wonderful stage show. The show at the Rainbow on Friday seemed to be structured as a series of surrealistic sensations rather than any kind of unified story or message, and with the group's gold facial make-up it's a bit like a cross between Dr. Who and Dr. No.

As always, with any group Arthur Brown's been involved in, a performance is not so much a concert as a constant barrage of music, ideas and visuals. At the moment, the music seems to be losing out a little. After some inspired moments early on, there was an awful lot of numbers that just sounded like another heavy metal cliché, while Arthur did amazing things with his voice and legs in front. He remains one of the most perfect pieces of human mixed media in existence. His voice, with its huge range, is as powerful as ever and his strange style of movements make sure that Kingdom Come don't need a Stacia for their silver machine.

But I found their music rather too machine-like, and it was a relief when a real drummer was included in addition to the drum machine for the encore. "Triangles", "Soothing music to send you off to sleep." Arthur called it, but it didn't stay that way for long. If Kingdom Come were a little less predictable musically and a little more predictable visually, I think there would have been more satisfaction and less puzzlement on my part. The audience seemed happy enough though, especially after Arthur had slid down the front of the stage to boogie enthusiastically with a Kingdom Comer in the aisle [see godofhellfire ]

I believe Arthur was the first musician to use a drum machine live on stage, well ahead of his time. OK, the technology was limited, but it adds a unique character to the music. I can't imagine Time Captives any other way! You may be surprised to know that Arthur is still touring (saw him not long ago). He usually plays in a trio. The other two musicians play acoustic guitar, violin, dulcimer, bass pedals and theramin. For rhythms, Arthur uses his foot and a 7-foot staff! During Time Captives, there is an approximation of the Bentley Rhythm Ace, but I have recently been trying to help him track down a vintage Rhythm Ace, as he wants the authentic sound where required. You should go and see him. Although he does a few old favourites, he is still capable of surprises, theatre and humour. I guarantee his voice wil blow you away
[by Frank Gilbert]