2013 March 9th - Robin 2, WOLVERHAMPTON

2013 March 9th - Robin 2, WOLVERHAMPTON

2013 March 9th - Robin 2, WOLVERHAMPTON

Photo taken by J Bentley

9th March 2013
Robin 2
01902 401211




"Arthur I have been a huge fan of yours for 30 years since the age of 17, psychedelia is my music. I thought you were amazing when you toured with Hawkwind until I saw you in Bilston on saturday 9th march and that was incredible, I hope you carry on using Nina with her electric guitar and the Moulettes, the show was totally amazing, I am your ever loyal fan and would love to meet with you one day and discuss my favorite album, Voice of love; what a brilliant creation that was. Many thanks and i eagerly await your next album". 

"Hi Arthur, would just like to say thanks to you and the band, for a great gig at the Robin 2 last night, really enjoyed it. Cheers."

"Arthur,  Just a quick message to say how much I loved your show in Wolverhampton on Saturday. Its so good (and quite rare) to see a performer giving it his all for the crowd. See you at the Borderline on 29 March!
PS your band's pretty tight too."

"Arthur, Me and my mate met you after your fabulous gig in The Robin - Wolverhampton.  Just wanted to say thanks for your kindness. Your new album is absolutely mesmerising, and we loved the gig so much - my mate was blown away by his first live experience.  You've set the bar high now! Anyway, peace and love to you and your band, and I hope to catch you on tour again very soon!"

"I only went along to Robin 2,as a good friend of mine has been a massive fan or Arthur's for a long long time - since the late sixties, it was one in his bucket list he never thought he would get...
What a superb evening - unbelievable - I was gob-smacked  - to put into perspective we had seen the Status Quo "frantic four" only 2 night previously and the previous weekend we saw the Psychedelic Warlords perform Space Ritual but to our minds Arthur's gig was by far the best - it blew me away... I'm a new convert-  busy buying albums & listening away."

"Arthur, Excellent show at Robin 2. Looking forward to seeing you again at Sheffield Prof Rock Festival. All the very best."

"Hi Arthur, just wanted to say we really enjoyed your concert at the Robin 2 on saturday - you and your band were awesome and we met you beforehand, yours was the first record he had bought and i said you were cool.  You are 2 days older than my dad and he is cool as well! You would really put some of the latest boybands to shame, your energy and musicallity are brilliant.  we look forward to seeing you again in concert.  Take care  cheers :)"

"I was there! He was fantastic! Hasn't lost a step or a beat! "