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"He is the God of Hellfire : He is Arthur Brown
Reconnecting with an old flame"

An interview with Arthur Brown.

Arthur Brown painting

Rock City Nottingham 

"Arthur Brown and his band are essential viewing for anyone with even a modicum of appreciation for a true visionary artist."

Two legends in One Night and Maximum Volume Music were there!

3 October 2014

Drowned in Sound -- An Interview with Arthur Brown and 'Zim Zam Zim' by Woodrow Whyte


Arthur Brown with Jim MortimoreART ROCKER

Arthur Does the Introduction to the Story 'Ninja' as part of Skindred's video "Kill the Power"

The Evolution of the Metal Stage Show and the End of Motley Crue

An article by Lauren Wise for the Phoenix New Times

Read RAW RAMP's review of ZIMZAMZIM Click Here




Sian Williams and Richard Coles, play the Inheritance Tracks of Arthur Brown on Saturday Live on Radio 4. 


18th April 2013
An Interview with Arthur published by M Magazine PRS for music online


Annular Media

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown live at Citadel St Helens. 13th December 2012.

The small but perfectly formed Citadel was witness to a remarkable night of theatrics, passion and downright good, bluesy psychedelia by the undisputed master of mayhem Arthur Brown. Billed as 'The Crazy World of Arthur Brown' the band consisted of heavy keys, solid bass and drums and melodic guitar; all complimenting the earthy showmanship of Arthur Brown himself. Changes of costume and his dancing were in abundance, the latter ably helped by his accompanying dancer. READ MORE...


Rob Dodgson
Editor: Annular Media


Crispy Zebra

Read Crispy Zebra's article on 1960's Psychedelic Music, with a notable mention of Arthur Brown at the forefront of the psychedelic movement.

Read the article here.

VINTAGE TV - 18th and 21st november 2012


Vintage TV Logo

Vintage TV ventures into a Crazy World with nobody less than the inimitable Arthur brown, whose My Vintage selection ranges from Elvis Presley to Supertramp, Nina Simone to Eurythmics.

SKY 369

The show airs at 5.30pm on Sunday 18th November and is repeated Wednesday 21st November at 11pm. and Apostolos Pantazoglou, had the chance to speak with the legendary, Arthur Brown, right after his concert in Thessaloniki, Greece (10th of March 2012). You can read the interview at RockOverdose

Glastonbury 2011 Spirit of 71 page on the BBC Website

Delboy's 1969 blog about Glastonbury 2011 Crazy World at Meltdown Queen Elizabeth Hall 2011 review by Matthew Rees  Some brilliant photos of Glastonbury 2011 by Victor Frankowski

Arthur Brown at Glastonbury 2011  Photos Arthur Brown at Glastonbury 2011

 Crazy world of Arthur Brown on Flickr Some great photos of the band

Crazy World of Arthur Brown at Ray Davies' Meltdown festival. - Song

The Year in Press Photos -

 High Voltage 2011 -

Focus and Arthur Brown at The caves

Review by Hagen Leibing from theTip Berlin.  VIEW HERE -

God of Hellfire, Arthur Brown talks about Emile Zola, Gurdjieff, the Crazy World, painting, the music business and his generation by Michael Limnios

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Strangelands 

Alice Cooper's Halloween Night of Fear with Arthur Brown, at Alexandra Palace 2011  
Review in The Sun 

Three opportunities to watch this concert on Sky Arts 1 and Sky 3D

SKYARTS 1 HD - Monday October 31st, 9:00pm
SKY 3D - 3rd November, 9:00pm
SKYARTS 1HD - 5th November, 12:10am

Front Cover of Rolling Stone magazine 1969

Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Rolling Stone (October 1969 issue) of the US music magazine Rolling Stone, featuring a front page interview trumpeting Arthur's return to the USA, his split with his old backers and his thoughts on a new LP. Features a fabulous red tinted front cover shot.