Postage Charges


Due to the postal increases on March 31st 2014, we have tried to keep our UK prices low by using longer delivery times. So instead of using 1st class delivery we are now using 2nd class delivery.

Which means we can send you a CD for £2.70

 UK mainland (2-3 day delivery)

up to 0.750g    £2.70  (1 cd is 60 gms)

up to 1.00kg  £4.30

up to  1.5kg  £6.50


EUROPE up to 5 days delivery

up to 500 gms 4.95

up to 700 gms 6.40

up to 1000gms  7.85

up to 1500gms 10.75


WORLD up to 5 day delivery


up to 500 gms 7.20

up to 700 gms 9.90

up to 1000gms  12.60