Jevon Beaumont - bass player and tour manager

Jevon Beaumont

Jevon Beaumont was born in Royal Leamington Spa into a musical family in the exciting early 1970’s and has maintained his inspirational roots from this era. He began performing on stage in his early teens in several bands playing punk, grunge, rock and funk. To put his career on a firmer footing he then completed a degree at the highly acclaimed Bass Tech, London College of Music.

Since then Jevon has been playing bass guitar professionally and has toured, recorded, played on countless radio and television shows with high profile chart topping artists including Moloko, Barbara Dixon, Martina Topley Bird, Blue States, Russell Stone, Rob Vincent and also Kitaya, The Bushman Brothers, Jo Harman, Auburn, James Robinson, Laura Vane, Zanpan, Rollo Jean, Max Gilkes, and Z-Star amongst others. He also performed as John Paul Jones in the UK’s leading Led Zeppelin tribute, Boot Led Zeppelin for 10 years, playing mandolin and bass guitar on countless world forums. Over the past 12 months Jevon has been touring with The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Jevon Beaumont

Despite a busy live and recording schedule, somehow Jevon has created The Chevron which is Jevon’s latest musical endeavour, seeing him marry his ideals of cosmic grooves, psychdelia, funk, dance, multi layered vocal harmonies and humour in music. Composed, performed and produced by himself, it will see release in 2015.

Jevon has always been passionate about listening to and playing music. When he plays music he does so with will full heart, honesty, groove and raw energy as he believes these ingredients to be essential. He is a true and faithful music lover, listener and creator at his core. He also likes to dress up.

Jevon Beaumont

I love to play. I love to play as filthy as possible.”

He has also worked in sound engineering, composition, production, music education and music therapy as well as being the ‘Director of Rock’ at FSOR, London Rock School.