Illustrations by Tom Walker, Inspired by Zimzamzim

Artist Tom Walker (father of co producer/writer/drummer Sam Walker) was sent Zim Zam Zim demo recordings and lyrics by Arthur. He also talked through the ideas behind the project with Arthur as the writing and production of the album gained pace.
Tom came up with these 10 chalk pastel images. Some in direct response to songs, some in response to certain lines of lyrics and some in response in a more general sense to the whole world of Zim Zam Zim.
Tom says "It was a hugely enjoyable partly improvised process responding to the rich imagery and visual triggers contained within the music, ideas and lyrics"

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 ZimZamZIm   Naked Man
Zimzamzim by Tom Walker   Naked Man by Tom Walker
Let us Fly Free   The Portal
Let us Fly Free by Tom Walker   The Portal by Tom Walker
 Junkyard King   Everybodies Running to the Top of The Hill
Junkyard King by Tom Walker   Everybodies Running by Tom Walker
  Jungle Fever   Head Full of Smoke and a Heart with No Pity
Jungle Fever by Tom Walker   Head full of smoke by Tom Walker
Catching Water   Portal 2
Catching Water by Tom Walker   Portal 2 by Tom Walker