Gigs in 2018

Lee Wood, 10/2/18 21:32
I first saw Arthur live in 1968 at the Rhodes Centre in Bishops Stortford. It was one of the best live performances I have ever seen in my life, and Ive seen virtually everyone you can name. I can... Read more


Geoff Forth, 23/11/17 22:13
when are you touring in 2018 Read more

tours, 13/11/17 22:19
when are you touring in 2018 Read more

You're The Best!

DomG, 2/11/17 15:52
You're art and music is timeless. The band's full body of work is so severely underrated and overlooked by the general public that it's pretty sad. Thank You! Thank You! I hope I may see you guys one ... Read more

Munich, 14/10/17

herman, 15/10/17 20:27
Dear Arthur, Thank you very much for this excellent show yesterday in Munich. From the many gigs I see each year, this one ranks among the very best - ever! Your show was not just about the music - ... Read more

Everything is Now

Ana Salote, 3/9/17 08:43
Just visited page to donate and it is closed without updates. Does anyone know what's happening with the project? Read more

Tee shirt

Michael Eilers, 12/8/17 09:05
I love your band, amazing. I even made this tee shirt. Check it out. Read more

March Austin, TX shows

Bill Sellers, 28/5/17 02:42
It was such a pleasure seeing you two nights in a row a couple of months ago. You put on an amazing show, and your voice is simply incredible. I really enjoyed talking to you for a couple of minutes... Read more

Kingdom Come

Metal Monster, 19/5/17 20:02
CWOAB and the 3 KC albums are among my all-time faves.Loved Vincent Crane,Andy Dalby,MPJ Steer,Goodge Harris,DJ Fischer,all such great players.Fantastic music and performance,thanks Arthur! Read more

Spreading Love

Cecil Nixxon, 24/4/17 13:11
I am having the singularly delightful experience of sharing Arthur Brown with old hippie friends who thought he disappeared in the misty veils of time. Here's a recent quote: "Oh, My God He's... Read more

reading festival

frank Needham, 7/4/17 16:46
i first saw arthur at reading festival,he came on carrying a cross and was crucified on stage and that was it i've been a fan of arthur ever since. great to see all the new fans just finding out how... Read more

Hey , and oats ...

Jef f k eyes , 14/3/17 20:40
So , i'd of liked to have posted a picto of my original copy of the crazy world of ... album ...from way back , when , i bought it at a rummage sale for fifty american cents , i had never seen the... Read more

2/23/17 N. Y .C.

Stephen Nitchke-Ellison, 3/3/17 15:17
Mr. God of Hell Fire - LOVED your show in NYC 2/23/17 - PLEASE come back to NYC Again this year, and Next year and so on - I'll be at all of your shows. And I read that you had the Fire Helmet -... Read more


Emma Ravensfield, 2/3/17 13:41
Hi All, I appreciate this may not be an appropriate thing to post here but it's worth a go. I have a couple of posters that may be of interest to fans of Arthur Brown. I'm selling them for a friend... Read more


Stephen ZOUL Ellison, 24/2/17 17:08
Dear Mr. GOD of Hell Fire - EXCELLENT show in NYC 2/23/17 @ Le Poisson Rouge 158 Bleecker St. New York - one of the BEST concerts i've seen from the GOD of Hell FIRE and i've seen 339 concerts in... Read more

Set Lists?

Sleazy Cortez, 17/2/17 19:29
Only recently started getting into Arthur with his performance at Psycho Las Vegas on 8-26-2016, the best live show I've ever seen in my life. Was lucky enough to catch him in LA on 2-15-2017 and... Read more

Fire done on ukulele

Brian Fergus, 16/1/17 19:34
Hey gang - check out my fun video of Fire, done on ukulele: Read more

thank you

Christian, 24/10/16 12:46
There is not much music that moves me on the level yours does, and that is something I wanted to thank you for. Read more

tour dates

Todd R. Parke, 27/7/16 10:32
Arthur; when are you coming to the U.S., specifically the Philadelphia area? Read more

Would you like to see Arthur Brown in the Late Show?

EM, 20/2/16 23:29
If you want to see Arthur Brown interviewed and performing in the Late Show with Stephen Colbert call (212)649-6200 and ask for Emily Lazar or e-mail: Read more


gloria jean roberts, 20/2/16 23:25
Oh my Goodness i had forgot about that song it was so very god to hear it after 47 yrs. I was in grade school. Glad you're still around you should tour, that song is timeless. Bless You and all the... Read more


Mick, 4/2/16 13:17
Dear Arthur,it was a fantastic show at Skeggy,could you please tell me song titles,apart from Fire and Kites which I have on youtube. Thanks Mick Read more


Kass, 10/11/15 10:07
....his music and his words give me a lot of hope .... Read more

Fire & Flame

Lady Katherine Wheel, 2/11/15 14:46
May the Gods of Hell & Heavenfire bless Arthur for making us feel more alive ! Read more

Buxton The Greystones, Sheffield

Patrick, 30/10/15 08:43
Lucky enough to go to both gigs,one last year and Buxton 2wks ago. For me Arthur is the ultimate showman, pure theatre, fabulous music and stand out songs, a true icon and performer and not far... Read more

The Studio Hartlepool

Brian, 18/10/15 18:26
Great gig Arthur and your collection of fine musicians. A long time Kingdom Come fan, enjoyed the renditions of "Time Captives" and "Spirit of Joy". Come back to the North East soon Read more

the music,art and the live forum

thomas weise, 24/9/15 17:19
thank you special indeed your words Read more


Fred, 25/3/15 15:35
Enjoy the gig on friday at the cellars in Portsmouth. Read more

An Inspiration to all aspiring artists!

Lisa M , 5/3/15 12:41
It's not usually I actively seek out the websites for my musical "idols" so when I do it has to be someone very special indeed. I'm 21 years old and myself an aspiring musician. For someone of my... Read more

Zim zam when

da, 16/7/14 09:38
Am pledged but late to the party after release. Can't order through Pledge site. Huge AB, Kingdom Come & VCrane Rooster fan. What gives Arthur? Read more

Lyrics for "Mojo"

Sam Genco, 16/7/14 09:37
In Arthur's version of "Mojo" on the album "Brown, Black, & Blue", what word is spoken by him in the line, "Went to the Pope and said 'My mojo doesn't work.' He shook his ( ? ) and said, 'Get... Read more

konshusphere/spherical theatre

John Palmer, 16/7/14 09:27
Dear Arthur, Your drawing for a spherical theatre, being based upon a circle and two Vesicas, can be oriented, bringing it in harmony with the seasonal cycle. Here's how. At the selected site, a... Read more

orientation of groundplan of spherical theatre.

John Palmer, 15/7/14 13:29
Dear Arthur, Some days ago I forwarded you (via this email) a method to orientate the groundplan of your spherical theatre. Solar oriention was universally practised by virtually all cultures across ... Read more

Fire - TOTP 1968

Barbie, 26/4/14 14:53
Please can you tell me if my cousin Billy Day (Davidson) played the keyboards for the the song 'Fire' on Top Of The Pops-1968- of course I know it probably wasn't a live performance, but my cousin... Read more

great and original voice

dario boccuni, 26/4/14 14:52
I have several albums of him Read more


SUES, 2/3/14 17:36
When are we going to be able to buy the new album?? Read more

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