Wickerman Festival

View some great images of Arthur at The Wickerman Festival taken by HighlandCow



March 26th - The Astoria London Arthur Browns Otherworld  (Recorded and Filmed)
April 2nd Market Harborough Leisure Centre (Supported by Muffin Men and Jimmy Carl Black)
April 6th - Brighton Komeda
April 9th Studley Green The Community Centre 
April 14th  Mandas Resturant Private Party Essen
April 15th Friday Unperfekt House, Essen 

18th April Polborough Blue Coconut Monday 
1st June - Ilfracombe Club Phoenix Supported by Jebo (Recorded and Filmed)
17th June – France
18th June – Loreley Festival 
19th June Monza France 
25th June – Canuelo Festival (Spain) 
22nd July - Skegness The Farm
23 July - The Wickerman Festival Scotland http://www.thewickermanfestival.co.uk (Recorded)
7th August - Falmouth Princess Pavilion Support from Country Joe McDonald and The Muffin Men (Recorded and Filmed)
19th August - Rock In Beer Festival Huntingdon
1st September - Sheffield Boardwalk
2nd September - Whitby Resolution Hotel
9th September - Sonic Rock Festival The Farm Skegness
18th September The New Meadow Festival Linconshire
Saturday 24th September Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre (Recorded and Filmed)

1st October – Frome - The Cheese and Grain - Postponed

1st October – Bradford-On-Avon -Victory Field Pavilion Festival  (Recorded and Filmed)

5th October – Brighton The Komedia
19th October – Book Launch London Chats Palace 
20th October – Book Launch Brighton The old Market Arts Centre (Promoted by City Books) 
24th October Pulborough The Blue Coconut (recorded and Filmed)

15th Nov at All Saints, Lewes. - Book Launch (Arthur and Polly no band)
18th November – Book Launch Bristol The Cube Arts Centre (Arthur and Polly, no Band Matthew North Guest playes on 3 songs Voices of Love, Devils Grip and I put a Spell on you, Arthur Plays another 3 songs Solo) Recorded and Filmed

November - December Tour of Germany mostly with the Pretty Things Dates 

26th November - Offenbach Capital

29th November 2005  Musiktheater Rex (Recording Exists)

30.11.2005   Meisenfrei Hankenstraße

02.12.2005 Brasserie am Stadtgarten

03.12.2005  Downtown Bluesclub

06.12.2005  Harmonie Frongasse

08.12.2005 Spectrum Club Augsburg

09.12.2005  The Ramrods Hirsch Nürnberg

10.12.2005  Blues Garage Hannover (CD Recorded)

??.12.2005 Private Gig Austin Texas