January 13th Julian Calendar New Year Celebration, The Garden In the Heights, Greg Harbar and Vlad ? (principal violinist for the Houston Ballet) & Darcie Deaville 

January 18th Mary Ann's (House Concert) Austin, Tx
With Darcie Deaville

January 22nd Arthur Brown with special guests (Cindy Scott Jazz Quintet)
The Red Cat Jazz Bar Houston, Texas

May 10th - London The Standard (Video and Audio Exist)

July 19th - 22nd Burg Herzberg Festival

August 18th - Canterbury Festival (Audio exists) Later in the Day Arthur also did a spot with Hawkwind for 'Silver Machine'

October 19th London Royal Festival Hall (Pretty Things Gig) Arthur Narrated SF Sorrow for The Pretty Things then did a Guest rendition of Fire also in the line up was David Gilmour

December 11th - Brighton The Greys Pub with Nick Pynn